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With a single click, you take a photo or shoot a video on your phone and it’s automatically transferred to your personal, online photo gallery. No wires. No manual uploads. No extra keystrokes. No Cost. No Kidding. View your photos and videos online in seconds. iTookThisOnMyPhone is the easiest and fastest way to upload photo media.

You can keep your photos private or share them with friends and family. Easily organize, email, print your photos, or send them to popular social networking sites. With iTookThisOnMyPhone, you can save a lifetime of photos and videos in one safe place.

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iTookThisOnMyPhone’s Unified Uploader now uploads your photos to an album with
the same name as the album you uploaded them to on iTookThisOnMyPhone.
Also NEW: Upload your photos from our website and choose the album to put them in.









Batch edit mode
Organize your albums faster. Select multiple files to work with and perform operations or move
between albums. To get started click on the Organize this album link on any
of your albums.

Download an entire album at once as a zip file to your computer. Now you can download
all of your photos to your computer for viewing even when you don’t have internet access. To get started
click on the Download Album button on the album page.