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A welcome message will be sent to your smartphone’s email account. It will include a link to the download, instructions for getting iTookThisOnMyPhone software on your phone, and the Terms of Service Agreement. You’ll need to check the Terms of Service Accept box to proceed. Click on the Download button on the next screen and the software will be downloaded to your phone. You’ll be using iTookThisOnMyPhone in minutes.

The application is sent right to your phone
The application is sent right to your phone

This is the easy part. Just take photos and shoot video. Every photo and every video you shoot will be automatically uploaded to your personal photo gallery. Select an album to organize your photos or send them to popular social networking sites. You’ll be able to view your photos and video online in minutes. Keep them private or share them with friends and family. Easily organize, email or print your photos. iTookThisOnMyPhone is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to view, share, and save a lifetime of memories in one safe place.

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Take photos and videos with your phone

Uploads are automatic or you can add a caption. Media is transmitted using secure communications.

Photos and videos are instantly uploaded to your online web gallery and can be sent to popular social networking sites as well.

Open your photos to see detail, add them to a gallery, share them with friends or print them from your web browser. Save them for a lifetime in one place.